Adem goes to Nursery soon

All Mothers go through this emotional time when their baby is due to start Nursery. As Adem is my first born Son I feel with him turning 3 a few days ago and we are now on the count down to his start date its all so emotional.

Its been such a crazy few months with Covid-19 and being on lock-down as well as all of his classes etc being cancelled until further notice its been an interesting time and having to find new ways to burn off some of his energy as he is a little ball of energy all the time!

All toddlers go through the ‘terrible 3’ stage but it definitely came at the worse time as I was heavily pregnant and then having our little Sami 8 weeks ago. But i am honestly so proud of him and he has dealt with all of the changes so well. He is such a good older brother. He has a lot of love to give.

He says he doesn’t want to ‘leave me’ but he is absolutely going to love school so much. He will be in his element as he is such a social butterfly and such a people person and loves to talk…not sure who he gets that from hehe.

On his 3rd Birthday I was so emotional and teared up more than a few times as even though this might not seem like a big deal to some but as I have been with Adem 24/7 since he was born this is the mark of big changes in our life and with having a new little brother. All positive changes but very monumental for us.

We are going to embrace the last few weeks before he starts school as little does he realise he will be going to school till he is in his 20s. Now this makes me so emotional…he is only 3! Time is just going so fast and I have especially noticed this since becoming a Mum.

Tonight we are going to be ordering his nursery uniform, I will have the tissues at the ready thats for sure.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our latest update.

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Lots of Love x x

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