First day out as a family of 4

First big day out since Before Covid. 🥳

It was a big occasion as it was our first “family day out” as a family of 4.
With everything going on in the world life hasn’t been normal and having a baby during this time has been a totally different experience to when I had Adem.
We decided to go to Paradise Wildlife Park, as its all outside and totally a safe environment for the kids. All the staff were wearing masks and wiping down surfaces constantly, if was good to see, even after each train ride the train man wipes down each little carriage too. Also any inside area it was compulsory to wear a mask, so a big thumbs up from me for hygiene.

Being a family of 4 now is definitely a lot harder when on a day out as Adem wanted to see everything but then Sami needs to feed etc at the same time but the best thing to do is just be chilled and play the day by ear and enjoy every moment as a family. I got to enjoy time with Adem when Sami had naps too. As it was such a hot day he had lots of little naps and kept hydrated by breast feeding him regularly when needed. As he is only 9 weeks old its so important to keep him in the shade and well protected.

I feel as I am now a mum of two I am much more relaxed this time and feeding in public didn’t bother me as I had my cover too. This again was the first time feeding in public with Sami as I have only really been around my close circle and family after having Sami.

I love visiting Paradise Wildlife Park and it was nice to take Sami this time. We will for sure be back when he is older so he can enjoy the day too.

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