Adem’s new adventure ~ Starting at Nursery

A new adventure. On the 9th of September 2020 my first born Son Adem started at nursery. I am so proud of him. He is all grown up and at his Nursery he even wears a uniform.

A couple of days before he started Nursery two of his Nursery teachers came for a home visit but due to COVID-19 they had to do a door step visit to meet Adem and have a chat which was strange but it was only a little visit.

It is such a funny time at the moment with everything going on in the world so the parents at Adems Nursery are not allowed in, even for the ‘weaning in sessions’ which was heart breaking to be told as we had to just wave goodbye at the gate and one parent was allowed to the Nursery door. Literally heart breaking as he has never left me before and I haven’t even been able to visit the nursery before. But I knew he would be fine and he is so sociable, but any parent reading this would totally be able to relate as normally parents are there for the first day or so or nearby at least. I know some Nurserys are allowing it.

When I walked him to the Nursery door he hugged and kissed me then told me he loves me and waved goodbye as he walked into the classroom. Of-course I had a little cry as I walked away.

Such a proud moment to see my son attend the same school that my husband went to, it must be so special for my husband to see that. I always wished we lived where I went to primary school as I loved my little village primary school so much and have all my childhood memories there.

When we picked him up on his first day my husband went to the door to greet him and he was so happy then he saw me at the gate we had the biggest cuddle and he told me he missed me, he had the best time. On the walk home he was telling us what he got up to and that he had lots of fun.

On his first day it was only for an hour, then over the next 2 days it increases slowly so they get used to it.

On day 2 the first thing Adem said when he woke up was “I want to go to school today”

He is totally loving it and in his element. After Nursery we went to the park next door when he finished and we could see him socialising with the new friends he has made.

We are such proud parents and we are super excited to see his development.

Well done Adem!!!

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Lots of Love xxx

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4 thoughts on “Adem’s new adventure ~ Starting at Nursery

  1. Yay! Well done Adam, you’ve done amazing so far and super glad that he settled in well. It’s such a big step for them and us isn’t it. I’m so nervous about Theo starting next week, I will feel lost..
    Thank you for sharing with us Alice x


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