Our Trip to London Zoo

So this was our 2nd day out as a family of 4 since Sami was born. We chose to celebrate my birthday at London Zoo as I love to go to places that Adem would also love and to make all those special memories. The last time we went to London Zoo it was actually when Adem was 7 weeks old and was also for my birthday and now he is 3 years old. It was so special to show him the Penguins again, its our favourite part of the zoo. Sami slept the whole visit to the Zoo, this baby loves to sleep!

Check out our fun reel on instagram with the Penguins.


Adem 7 weeks old
Adem 3 years old

I was so impressed with all of the Covid safety measures in place to ensure everyone was following the protocols. There was a lovely one way system around the whole zoo which was perfect as its such a big zoo that it can be confusing at times with which direction to go in, especially when we are running around with a Toddler now! The Zoo staff were wearing masks at all times and making sure that everyone was also wearing them in all of the indoor areas which was very reassuring.

We had such a wonderful day, one of the highlights was going to see the butterflies, we were lucky enough to have one of them land on my husbands hand and then it moved onto Adems hand and then mine, such a magical moment. Adem and I have always loved spotting butterflies so this was such an amazing experience.

As we live on the outskirts of London this is our nearest Zoo to visit. Its super easy to get to and parking is very easy on a Sunday. We were very lucky and parked right outside the entrance.

All the staff were so friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Its such a lovely day out and we were very lucky with the weather too, but just incase it rained while we were there we bought Adem a penguin umbrella as a little souvenir.

(Check out our little fun reel singing in the rain on instagram)


Adem loves the Lion King and his favourite toy is the Simba soft toy I had as a little girl and i gave it to him when he was little. We loved seeing the King of the jungle, I told Adem he was Simba, he loved that!

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A friend and fellow Mummy blogger https://www.instagram.com/cuddles4breakfast recently visited Colchester Zoo and has also written a blog post on it so if you’re thinking about visiting there go and check it out https://www.cuddles4breakfast.com/blog/colchester-zoo-review

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lots of love xxx

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  1. What a lovely experience for you to enjoy as a family. Sounds like some amazing memories have been made Thank you for sharing x


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