Becoming a Mum of 2

Before I became a Mother of two I used to always ask people ‘What is it like with 2?’ I am sure you have all asked this question before. This being one of the many questions asked to other mums with more than one.

Before I had Adem none of my friends had children and still don’t so I found myself making a few lovely mummy friends from Adems classes. As a Mother it’s so important to have other Mummy friends even if its just 1 or 2 and so the children can play together or to be an ear for someone and to just have simple mummy chat. A lot of amazing Mummy’s I have met via my Instagram page or in person always voice to me what a lonely place it can be sometimes so I always like to connect with other Mums who I have lots of things in common with, especially ones which also work from home like me. It’s very important to have quality good people around you especially when you are becoming a Mother for the first time. It’s all about uplifting each other and supporting each other.

To be honest once I became a mother of 2 it simply just flowed and everything just works out. It’s so easy to over think things sometimes. I wanted Adem to be roughly 3 years old when I was due to have Sami as he would be starting Nursery after he turned 3 so I would get the quality time with the new baby too.

Our 1st proper family photo as a family of 4 at Adems 3rd Birthday – Sami was 8 weeks old

As I gave birth during COVID-19 its was a very tough time for most, especially if you were a first time mum at the time of birth. I actually wrote Sami’s birth story as a blog – see the link below.

When we came home with Sami from the hospital Adem fell in love with his little baby brother instantly and totally adores him. Sami fits so well into our little family and its almost like he has always been here.

I feel that I have been very fortunate as Sami is an absolute dream which has made my transition from a mum of 1 to a mum of 2 super easy and stress free. It’s much easier the 2nd time around as I feel when you have your first baby you over think everything and want everything to be simply perfect all the time and the routines are more strict but after having my dreamy Sami I find he just goes with the flow and puts him self to sleep etc where as Adem used to have to be rocked to sleep or in the pram when he was that age and even though he is now 3 he still likes me to be next to him when he goes to sleep, most likely because I co slept with him a lot. So totally different experiences with both children.

I always thought Adem was so good etc which he was and is but Sami is just too good to be true! I know he will go through different leaps and development stages so I have just embraced him wanting to sleep for 10 hours at night time uninterrupted since he was 3 weeks old as it may not last. keeping positive though!! I never like to compare the 2 children but its good to be able to look at both experiences. I am doing exactly the same things I did with Adem but ofcourse Sami is different to Adem. I love being a Mum of 2 and Adem is besotted by with him he is like a little toy for him. Sami Always watches Adem and laughs and giggles at him. I love the little moments they have. I will never wish away time but I look forward to seeing them both when Sami is older and they can talk to each other. It will be the cutest thing.

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Lots of Love xxx

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5 thoughts on “Becoming a Mum of 2

  1. It’s amazing you’ve had such a good experience. I feel like it was super hectic for us adjusting to life with two but we’re not as organised as you lol


  2. This is such a lovely read Alice. Such a good idea to write a positive blog post about it as I also wondered and asked people what it was like with 2! I’m sure you’ve really helped some other mummy’s of 1s out 🤍


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