How to TRY and stay GLAM being a Mummy

As some of you may already be aware that my background is in the health & beauty industry, and if you didn’t know…your do now. 🙂

Ever since I learnt how to do make up and any sort of beauty treatment I always did them for myself and I developed my skills more and more and being able to do for myself has saved me a lot on money too!!

Some people often say getting ready or doing a face mask or any sort of ‘at home’ beauty treatment seems like a choir for them, but to me I enjoy it and love every minute. I look forward to doing my make up in the mornings. Even if its just a quick basic make up, I always like to be presentable and ‘put together’ if that makes sense.

As my career has always been in the beauty industry it’s always been a part of the ‘uniform’ to have 5 items of make up on the face and have tidy well presented hair, so its very hard to undo 17 years of doing this!

Becoming a Mum I learnt how to adapt my ‘beauty routines’ into my daily life with 2 children. See below some tips of mine which might help some of you out with fitting it all into your busy schedules.

Tip 1 – I like to wash my hair in the afternoons before the ‘wind-down’ routines – as I have long hair this gives it a chance to dry more naturally and I sometimes put a hair mask on whilst I bath one of the boys to keep my hair in good condition. Ofcourse this doesn’t always go to plan but its how I prefer my routine to go.

Tip 2 – Also during bath time I do a facial massage and put a face mask on whilst in the bath with Adem. Its all about multi-tasking and making use of every minute and utilising the time well. Sami is usually napping during this time also.

Tip 3 – If I want to curl my hair I always do it the night before as it saves me so much time the next morning. My husband always says to me why am I doing my hair before bedtime, every time haha! As all of you other mums are probably the same as me and the morning times are always crazy busy fitting everything in and doing a morning workout too etc the list is endless. So doing it before bed and clipping it up saves me time in the mornings. I am all about saving time where I can. Anyone with long hair or hair extensions will totally be able to relate.

Tip 4 – I try to plan my outfit the night before quickly – Only if am doing something or meeting friends the next day. Usually I think about this whilst I am breast feeding among a hundred other things I need to do. haha

Tip 5 – I aim to get up before the boys wake up and usually all 3 of them are like clockwork so as long as I am in the shower first and out with all my creams on before they wake it is a good start to the day. As Sami (my 4 month old) is so laid back and very chilled he watches me do my make up and then Adem usually wakes up around the time I am finishing off my make up, ofcourse every day can vary. I then get he boys ready before breakfast time. And during this time my hubby usually leaves for the office.

Tip 6 – Nails…I never get my nails done unless its before a holiday but I always do my own pedicures, and I spread this out over a couple of days eg – removal of polish, then the cuticles after bath time then painting when Sami is sleeping etc just fit it into my routines. As you have probably guessed by now that I love my routines and I think of it as ‘Me time’ even though my boys are right next to me, to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way and Adem always helps me do things or he copies me.

I thought a few little tips to start with might help some of you out, they are only simple little things I always do but they might be super useful to someone. Well I hope so.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and found useful.

Lots of love xxx

Published by Alices Healthy Lifestyle

Welcome to my Blog page. I am a Mummy to 3 boys ages 5, 2 and 1 years old. We love all things healthy and fun. I hope you enjoy reading what we get up to.

6 thoughts on “How to TRY and stay GLAM being a Mummy

  1. Great tips hun. The doing the hair before bed wouldn’t work for me as it would be straight by the time I get up 😂 I have really heavy hair!

    But I love the idea of doing a face mask while they’re in the bath. I’m totally going to try that. Is there one you recommend for anti aging?


  2. I always straighten my hair at night and wake up and it’s curly again 🥴😂 never works for me but I consistently do it just incase one morning it decides you know what I’m going to stay straight for her 🤣


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