Mum Life Routines – How to start your day positively & proactively

I have always been a big fan of routines and schedules, I know this doesn’t come naturally to all but hopefully some of my tips might come in useful to those reading.

So after becoming a Mum of 2 this meant that I had to step my game up with the routines, as I find that if I let things slip for 1 day its like the house got hit by a bomb and suddenly out of literally nowhere there are 3 mountains of washing to do. (Yes I organise daily for colours, blacks and whites) – being a mum of boys and having a hubby – I just get them to put their pjs or if in the evening the day clothes in a pile in one place then I put them in the designated baskets otherwise they get left on the floor all around the upstairs and I am forever picking things up. For most this is a reality too, its only a small thing but at least if its all in one organised pile then at least there wont be any mess up when it comes to loading up the washing machine with a black sock in with the whites. BUT I have been known to wash headphones regularly and cash… apparently even if the clothes are in the washing basket I still have to check all pockets…which I do not do haha evidently lol!

Slightly went off topic…. So lets get into some of my mum routines for how to stay organised.

  1. Always always always write a to-do list the night before for the next day. This helps me to stay on track throughout the day and I find it satisfying ticking things of my list. I always like to write the daily lists so its there to hand.
  2. I have a list app on my phone – which as you can imagine… I have many haha. This is where I store all my ‘main’ lists of things I need to do, and also were my Instagram is a source of income for me I keep a track of all collaborations and dates, things coming in the post, payments owed and received, content I need to create as well as ideas too.
  3. I prepare the boys clothes the night before as well as mine so things run smoothly in the mornings after shower times. I always find when things are layed out and prepared it saves a lot of time in deciding what to wear, and being a Mum of 2 my boys needs always come first so at least if its all sorted prior I will hopefully look half decent, or hope to haha
  4. I line up all of the fruit for our morning juice with the glasses and straws – this saves so much time and it starts the day so well packed full of vitamins.
  5. I prepare all of the breakfast things, even to putting a green tea bag in my mug ready with a spoon, I’m sure you get my drift… literally anything which doesn’t need to be in the fridge is ready to go for the morning. This only takes a few minutes to do but it saves soooooo much time in the morning when I have a hungry baby and toddler and my Hubby leaves for work early in the morning so I do anything to make my day super smooth and organised. And I like to make sure my hubby has had his fresh juice to start his day well. Check out my Instagram for all of my juice recipes

6. As I work out most days, the goal is to exercise pre breakfast time, or at least to do the ab workout to start with as it’s shorter. Having 2 kids the more organised everything is the smoother things run so I am able to do things I enjoy. As Adem loves to workout with me or be involved always ever since he was a little button. we usually do the longer workout when Sami is napping late morning if we haven’t already done it. If we have already done it then this is the perfect time to go for a walk whilst Sami naps.

7. As I am weaning Sami now I have lots of meals to prep for. All of Samis weaning recipes are on my Instagram page and saved in my highlights. I will be doing a blog on weaning full on tips and recipes we started with. I always go through the weaning recipes books and write out the recipes I want to make for the following week so I can order everything I need to, then I add what I making him the following day to my list. I like to try him with new recipes and flavours daily and its so important to give him all the vitamins and nutrients he needs as a growing baby. I really enjoy weaning my boys and all is documented on my Instagram. Go and check it out.

8. I have any activities for the following day planned including content pics needed for my pages, games, cooking things (Adem always cooks with me, he will be a very good cook one day!…well he is a fab Sous Chef now)

Of course each day is different and things always pop up but I always find that if the above basic things are done then everything normally runs smoothly.

I hope my little tips help you with how to start your day positively and proactively.

Lots of love xxx

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