Breastfeeding Milestone and being pregnant with number 3

I thought I would share my experience so far with breastfeeding whilst being pregnant. Sami has just turned One so we are celebrating 1 year of exclusively breastfeeding with Sami. As I fell pregnant with my 3rd baby when Sami was about 7 months old I decided after researching to keep breast feeding whilst pregnant, there are so many articles and information out there with different views but I am here to share my personal experience as there is so many different views out there and I have spoken to many other mothers who have fed whilst pregnant and even gone on to feed both the new baby and their other child. As I breastfed my eldest son Adem till he was 2 and 2 months when I was weaning him off just after he turned 2 I fell pregnant at that exact time so I was only about month pregnant whilst it overlapped so it didn’t effect me or Adem as all and the 2nd pregnancy with Sami was planned.

As this 3rd pregnant totally caught us all by surprise; I know breast feeding isn’t a contraceptive but I only just had one menstrual cycle and fell pregnant within weeks after that. We always said we wanted to have 3 or 4 kids but now its just happening a lot quicker than we expected but its an amazing blessing and we are so thankful. I know for sure that I will have my hands full with 3 kids 4yrs and under!!… But saying that I love being a mother and I am super organsied and always on the go, I feel that motherhood just suits me and I do all my work/instagram things around our busy lifestyle which is always non stop – as any of you Mamas reading this can relate even the housework, looking after the kids, feeding everyone and the endless cleaning and washing is a full time job alone not even to mention breast feeding. I was very lucky with Sami being such a good baby and so chilled and happy, a very easy going baby and Adem is great entertainment for him. I feel that with 2 kids they entertain each other where as when I had just Adem by himself for nearly 3 years I was his entertainment and all the classes we did together before he started Nursery when he turned 3.

Now Sami is One and he has had 6 teeth for about 2 months now (luckily he doesnt bite me, but he has nibbled me a few times or accidently bit me when he sneezed…yes OUCH!! The teeth haven’t effected us, it didn’t when I breastfed Adem either but what I did find when I had done all my research or listened to other peoples experiences with breastfeeding whilst being pregnant is that the nipples become extremely sensitive.

To be honest when Sami first latches on when he feeds now it’s excruciatingly painful I actually have wanted to cry sometimes and I have just been hoping that it will pass or that I am just being ultra sensitive at the moment. Once he has been feeding for about 20 seconds it is fine and it passes but I’m just hoping it does pass and become more comfortable. At the moment I am 21 weeks pregnant and I noticed the sensitivity for about a month or two.

I have always loved breastfeeding and as I have been so blessed with such a lovely long journey with both Adem and Sami I chose to keep going with my journey with Sami and to get through the painful latching and I am happy to possibly tandem feed the new baby with Sami. As its still a few months until I am due to have this baby things can change in that time and I have read some babies do self wean whilst pregnant as the milk does change to colostrum etc. Sami has only ever breast fed, he wasn’t interested in the bottle and as he was born during the first lockdown in June 2020 nothing was open so there was no need for me to express milk like I did for Adem.

Over the last 6 weeks Sami hasn’t been having breastmilk before bed and he has just been cuddling to sleep. This happened by accident a couple of times at first and then I continued to do this every night. This was a totally different experience to Adem as he was a little milk monster at bed time even when he was 2 years old and that was the last feeding time I weaned Adem off.

This has been working well and he still sleeps though the night from 7pm till 6 or 7am in his cot. This has eased the uncomfortable latching but to be honest every time he latches it hurts but its just is one less time and then when the new baby come in a couple of months bedtimes will be a easier as I put both boys to bed myself and I will only have to worry about breast feeding the new baby at night times not 2 of them.

I think every mother should do their own research and go with what suits them and their family. I didn’t want to cut Sami’s breastfeeding journey short so I am just going with the flow and just praying the painful nipples pass.

I will keep you all posted with our journey for Sami breastfeeding and my pregnancy journey also.

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I hope you enjoyed reading. Please feel free to drop me a comment or DM with any questions you may have.

Lots of Love xxx

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