Kemal’s Home/Water Birth Story

After such an amazing birth experience last year for my birth with my 2nd child Sami I wanted to do a water birth again…but this time I wanted to do at home.

As I have been low risk with all 3 pregnancies I really wanted to experience the home birth and with having the other 2…logistically it was easier to do at home as sometimes labour and giving birth can happen super super quick, especially after already having 2 kids…totally a pro now lol!!…and you know what to expect and what to do.

So to start my birth story with Kemal I will start at the beginning.

My labour started the day I was 10 days over due!!!!! By this point I was just waiting to labour to start and walking lots to keep super active and running after 2 kids also! Every day on the school run all my Mummy friends were so surprised it hadn’t happened yet… It was quite funny! …” Yes I’m still pregnant”

At 7.30pm I felt odd like something was happening – whilst in the middle of putting the 2 kids to sleep one by one. I could feel a slight pain but nothing major but it happened a few times for 1 min length 4/5 mins apart, so I started clocking them on an app. Once the kids were asleep the pain and frequency increased very quickly. Exactly an hour later at 8.30pm they were coming every 2 to 3 minutes and I called the Mid wife for her to come.

Once she had gone to the hospital to get the kit and got to the house It was about 10.30 and the contractions were very intense, shorter, and closer together.  After being checked I was about 8/9 cm dilated. Its time to go!!!! Let’s do this!!

In the meantime my husband had got the birthing pool filed up with lovely warm water and made the open plan area downstairs all relaxing and set the mood lighting perfectly for me.

I had a little gas and air to help and then it was time, I knew it was time to push. I got in the pool which instantly relives the contractions and pain dramatically.

As I had 2 births previously without pain relief only the birth pool and little gas and air with Sami I knew I could do this and just breathed it though. I kept my eyes closed most of the time and concentrated on my breathing a hypnobirthing technique.

As the pool also relaxes you very much in between the contractions and it was very warm it made things slow, but only slightly as It was almost 2am when I gave birth so I was very tired.

At 1.56am on the 18th November 2021 Kemal was born at home in the birthing pool, my waters only broke about a second before he came out too!!

He was so relaxed when he came out and I delivered him myself, which was magical, after doing the same with Sami I wanted to be able to do that again also.

He weighed a whooping 9 pounds 4 and his height was 56cm! a very long, slim but heavy bubs. My biggest baby yet but my smallest bump. People always think I will have small babies as I don’t show till the end of the pregnancy but I have very big babies! Looks can be deceiving.

From when my contractions started to the moment I gave birth it was only 6 and a half hours long which was my shortest labour yet.

Kemal took to breast feeding straight away and giving birth at home was overall the most amazing experience. My midwife I also had for my pregnancy journeys with Adem & Sami was also my midwife for the whole journey with Kemal so it was nice to have already had a connection with the Midwife over the last 4 and a half years for each journey.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog.

A few hours old

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