A food day in the life of me (non planned)

As most of you know who follow my instagram www.instagram.com/alices.healthylifestyle I love to live a healthy lifestyle and promote healthy living and to also help motive others where I can.

After having my 3rd baby boy 6.5 weeks ago who was 10 days late and he was a whooping 9 pounds 4!!…Pretty much straight after birth my stomach was flat and where I worked out and ate healthy pre and during all 3 pregnancies my body was able to “snap back” again very fast, and as I was literally all baby I had a small bump during pregnancy but a very heavy and long baby. I find on social media a lot of people want to body shame people who “snap back” and want to celebrate their body after birth because they look good but I find that so unfair. So many people have reached out to me about this subject as they feel bad for getting their body back so fast but I want to share tips or advise on my page or blog to help people and sprinkle positivity and lifestyle tips and to share what I do and what works for me.

 Of course don’t get me wrong I love my treats and chocolate but its all about the balance with how you live your life and to not deprive your self of things, cravings are the worst and almost make you want something even more if you deprive yourself then you binge on it which is far worse. I believe in little and often treats. And yes I have been known to sneak down stairs once the kids are asleep to get some chocolate…but don’t we all do that haha!!

So for this blog I haven’t planned, counted calories, “done it for the gram” … I have literally just documented what I have eaten on 2 consecutive days, one day being bank holiday Monday and the other day being the day after when Adem went back to school. I will most likely do another food diary blog if people like this one and plan that one with a more regimented meal prep and plan and then I will be able to work out then too so I can do it around a work out regime too… but this food blog was just what was in the fridge and what I wanted to eat that day.

As I am 6.5 weeks post partum and I have not yet been signed off from the Dr to be able to work out yet I have got my results from just eating healthily and breastfeeding and drinking lots of water since I gave birth. Also as its winter and I haven’t been allowed to push the double pram I have been more limited with being able to get out as much unless driving somewhere.

So below is a photo of what I ate both days and the first day I took photos of the food also.

As I mentioned this is not a diet or anything to follow as such, I am doing this blog from a high demand from my Instagram followers who the majority are mums, parents, fitness accounts, or people who simply follow me for my protein smoothie bowls and recipes have been asking what I eat and drink daily post partum having Kemal to have gotten my body back so fast etc.


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Lots of love xxx

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Welcome to my Blog page. I am a Mummy to 3 boys ages 5, 2 and 1 years old. We love all things healthy and fun. I hope you enjoy reading what we get up to.

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