My Instagram was HACKED!

So last week for the 2nd time in my INSAGRAM history I got HACKED!

See link for my NEW IG

After already having to start my last account from scratch 2 years ago after the first hacking at 13k, I got hacked again at 10.3k.

After so much hard work and graft to build up my profile and business again I am heart broken this has happened again. Keep reading to find out how etc

I know its not personal but you can’t help but feel It is somehow when it is your income, business, everything. Everything is on his platform. Also on this platform the amount you can charge really totally depends on following at the end of the day as well as having good content ofcourse, but to be able to monetise you must have following and engagement.


The hacking itself happened within seconds!!!

A few days before it happened I joined a new PR company and I saw on their story that they showed you how you can be blue tick verified and anyone can apply via the IG settings on the app.

So I thought… why not! I might as well apply, no biggie, nothing to loose!

I totally forgot about it and then 2 days later I got an email

The dreaded email which was the start of the hacking!!

This is when it all started to go wrong…. I CLICKED THE BUTTON!!!

This then took me to a form which I thought was legit so I filled in my details not knowing they use a software to be able to somehow steal my info via this or that I was even currently being hacked at the time!! Crazy right!

After I filled in the details I got this email:

I then went on to my IG and my profile name had been changed and photo.

At this point anxiety kicked in and I was shaking like a leaf I could barely type. I got an official email from META saying my password had been changed but as I had security codes 2 factor I managed to get back in and I quickly changed my password and name back to original and screenshot my back up codes on the IG app also.

I managed to kick the hacker out of my profile!

Sadly this is not the end of my story 😦

Whilst this was happening the hacker sent me 2 whatsapps from 2 separate numbers and then I had another email from META saying my password had been changed ( In total I got 3 emails from meta saying my pass word had been changed) The 3rd email was also from META but in a Turkish language, this slowed me down with being able to get back in with my codes and the then changed my phone number and email address as well as the password this time!! My husband is Turkish Cypriot and could read it for me.

I now had ZERO access!!!!!

My heart dropped!!! I am not going to be able to get it back!!

I blocked and reported the 2 numbers I got on whatsapp as i was advised

I have had no contact with the hacker since those messages I blocked.

In the meantime I was getting lots of messages, emails, private IG DMS to my personal IG saying my profile has been hacked and they have posted a pornographic photo to my grid which of course violates Instagrams TOS. I was horrified when I was sent the photo of what was posted on my grid!

Friends were sending me links to blogs and searching on the web things to help.

On one blog there was someone recommending someone who can help me get my account back so I contacted them. At this point I hadn’t spoken to anyone else or had any messages from anyone saying they can help get the account back eg an ANGEL HACKER  (they call them that)

Over the next 24 hours I had spoken to them and in the end they of course wanted money and said I wouldn’t have to pay until I got my account back. All I could think was I got hacked and I don’t want to also get SCAMMED all within 24 hours. My anxiety was very high at this point and I hadn’t eaten for 24 hours so far or slept a wink. It also didn’t help that all 3 kids were all sick at the same time.

I declined and I have not spoken to them since.

Since then at this point it was almost 48 hours after I had been hacked and I have tried everything I couldn’t even to do video authentication for META on IG as all my details had been changed so there was no way of IG being able to find me as is all changed.
This is was I find the most frustrating is that for such a big platform as INSTAGRAM there is NO HELP  it seems to just be a loop of info but no one to actually help or even a customer services chat or forum, NOTHING at all!! The only thing is to get to the part to do the video. When I was hacked 2 years ago oy my 1st account I had to do a photo with a code, its basically the same thing but now with a video. But as all the details were changed by the hacker I cant even do this so I am stuck.

I have now posted to Facebook explaining to my followers (which isn’t many as IG was my main platform) what happened. Since then I have been bombarded on fb and dms on IG of people offering their services and support to get my account back – basically I have decided this is all a bunch of scammers too!! The first one asked for 2k! the hacker themselves asked for 1k! crazy!!

Please follow me over on Facebook –

I mean do these people have no morals at all targeting people who are stressed out enough as it is loosing their account to HACKERS and then trying to scam you for money also.

This is so unfair I even had the 2 factor on!

I was also in contact with Microsoft to recover emails where must have been deleted. Because the thing which didn’t make sense was I got the emails from META saying that my pass word had been changed but after that I never got an email saying my email and number had also been changed!!! So there is no record of that. So I got in touch with Microsoft and after several attempts of the recover process we came to the conclusion that the hacker must have got into my emails then deleted the deleted emails so they are then permanently deleted and can not be recovered as I have no record of anything at all. And I changed my passwords the night it go hacked so they are very quick and good a what they do. Its so scary!

I wouldn’t want what has happened to me to happen to anyone else!

I hope all of my followers manage to find me again and all of the brands and companies I work with for Ads are understanding and supportive. I need all of the help I can get right now and I appreciate everything so far.

Watch his space for @aliceshealhylifestyleofficial

3rd time lucky ey!?

Lots of love and please give me a follow, drop me a dm so I know to follow back.

Alice xx

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