My Instagram was HACKED!

So last week for the 2nd time in my INSAGRAM history I got HACKED!

See link for my NEW IG

After already having to start my last account from scratch 2 years ago after the first hacking at 13k, I got hacked again at 10.3k.

After so much hard work and graft to build up my profile and business again I am heart broken this has happened again. Keep reading to find out how etc

I know its not personal but you can’t help but feel It is somehow when it is your income, business, everything. Everything is on his platform. Also on this platform the amount you can charge really totally depends on following at the end of the day as well as having good content ofcourse, but to be able to monetise you must have following and engagement.


The hacking itself happened within seconds!!!

A few days before it happened I joined a new PR company and I saw on their story that they showed you how you can be blue tick verified and anyone can apply via the IG settings on the app.

So I thought… why not! I might as well apply, no biggie, nothing to loose!

I totally forgot about it and then 2 days later I got an email

The dreaded email which was the start of the hacking!!

This is when it all started to go wrong…. I CLICKED THE BUTTON!!!

This then took me to a form which I thought was legit so I filled in my details not knowing they use a software to be able to somehow steal my info via this or that I was even currently being hacked at the time!! Crazy right!

After I filled in the details I got this email:

I then went on to my IG and my profile name had been changed and photo.

At this point anxiety kicked in and I was shaking like a leaf I could barely type. I got an official email from META saying my password had been changed but as I had security codes 2 factor I managed to get back in and I quickly changed my password and name back to original and screenshot my back up codes on the IG app also.

I managed to kick the hacker out of my profile!

Sadly this is not the end of my story 😦

Whilst this was happening the hacker sent me 2 whatsapps from 2 separate numbers and then I had another email from META saying my password had been changed ( In total I got 3 emails from meta saying my pass word had been changed) The 3rd email was also from META but in a Turkish language, this slowed me down with being able to get back in with my codes and the then changed my phone number and email address as well as the password this time!! My husband is Turkish Cypriot and could read it for me.

I now had ZERO access!!!!!

My heart dropped!!! I am not going to be able to get it back!!

I blocked and reported the 2 numbers I got on whatsapp as i was advised

I have had no contact with the hacker since those messages I blocked.

In the meantime I was getting lots of messages, emails, private IG DMS to my personal IG saying my profile has been hacked and they have posted a pornographic photo to my grid which of course violates Instagrams TOS. I was horrified when I was sent the photo of what was posted on my grid!

Friends were sending me links to blogs and searching on the web things to help.

On one blog there was someone recommending someone who can help me get my account back so I contacted them. At this point I hadn’t spoken to anyone else or had any messages from anyone saying they can help get the account back eg an ANGEL HACKER  (they call them that)

Over the next 24 hours I had spoken to them and in the end they of course wanted money and said I wouldn’t have to pay until I got my account back. All I could think was I got hacked and I don’t want to also get SCAMMED all within 24 hours. My anxiety was very high at this point and I hadn’t eaten for 24 hours so far or slept a wink. It also didn’t help that all 3 kids were all sick at the same time.

I declined and I have not spoken to them since.

Since then at this point it was almost 48 hours after I had been hacked and I have tried everything I couldn’t even to do video authentication for META on IG as all my details had been changed so there was no way of IG being able to find me as is all changed.
This is was I find the most frustrating is that for such a big platform as INSTAGRAM there is NO HELP  it seems to just be a loop of info but no one to actually help or even a customer services chat or forum, NOTHING at all!! The only thing is to get to the part to do the video. When I was hacked 2 years ago oy my 1st account I had to do a photo with a code, its basically the same thing but now with a video. But as all the details were changed by the hacker I cant even do this so I am stuck.

I have now posted to Facebook explaining to my followers (which isn’t many as IG was my main platform) what happened. Since then I have been bombarded on fb and dms on IG of people offering their services and support to get my account back – basically I have decided this is all a bunch of scammers too!! The first one asked for 2k! the hacker themselves asked for 1k! crazy!!

Please follow me over on Facebook –

I mean do these people have no morals at all targeting people who are stressed out enough as it is loosing their account to HACKERS and then trying to scam you for money also.

This is so unfair I even had the 2 factor on!

I was also in contact with Microsoft to recover emails where must have been deleted. Because the thing which didn’t make sense was I got the emails from META saying that my pass word had been changed but after that I never got an email saying my email and number had also been changed!!! So there is no record of that. So I got in touch with Microsoft and after several attempts of the recover process we came to the conclusion that the hacker must have got into my emails then deleted the deleted emails so they are then permanently deleted and can not be recovered as I have no record of anything at all. And I changed my passwords the night it go hacked so they are very quick and good a what they do. Its so scary!

I wouldn’t want what has happened to me to happen to anyone else!

I hope all of my followers manage to find me again and all of the brands and companies I work with for Ads are understanding and supportive. I need all of the help I can get right now and I appreciate everything so far.

Watch his space for @aliceshealhylifestyleofficial

3rd time lucky ey!?

Lots of love and please give me a follow, drop me a dm so I know to follow back.

Alice xx

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My Exante Journey

8 weeks postpartum at the start of my Exante journey
7 months postpartum

When I was 8 weeks post partum after having my 3rd son I was approached to work with Exante. This was the first time I had ever tried the brand. I quickly discovered my favourite must haves which I can’t be without. You can tap each button below to see each individual product. Use the code ALICE for discounts which are stackable with the websites offers.

Ever since I can remember I have always loved to have smoothies and shakes for breakfast so Exante basically just slotted in perfectly as a part of my breakfast. I don’t ever do diets but as you will see on my Instagram feed and stories I lead a healthy lifestyle to get the results I want for my body. If you do want to loose weight these are perfect as they do different boxed plans and you can meal replace and calorie count.

On an average morning this is what I consume from Exante. (see above for links or below for link to site)

I get up at 6am every day, once I am ready for the day I make my Burst mixed with water which is Caffeine free and it helps with skin hair and nails as well as boosting metabolism, I have my JUICED shake for breakfast, and mid morning I will have my Salted caramel bar – or the caramel crunch bar.

Keep up with all my recipes using Exante products I love on my Instagram page – Give me a follow 🙂 – DM me if you need any advice.

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How I look after my mind as a Mum

(Paid partnership with Emmas diary)

Being a Mum as we know is one of the hardest but most rewarding things in life.

Self-care is so important for your sanity and wellbeing. How do I fit it all in and have 3 kids and keep my marbles you ask??? keep reading over on Emma’s diary to find out…. see below for direct link.

I hope you enjoy the read xx

A food day in the life of me (non planned)

As most of you know who follow my instagram I love to live a healthy lifestyle and promote healthy living and to also help motive others where I can.

After having my 3rd baby boy 6.5 weeks ago who was 10 days late and he was a whooping 9 pounds 4!!…Pretty much straight after birth my stomach was flat and where I worked out and ate healthy pre and during all 3 pregnancies my body was able to “snap back” again very fast, and as I was literally all baby I had a small bump during pregnancy but a very heavy and long baby. I find on social media a lot of people want to body shame people who “snap back” and want to celebrate their body after birth because they look good but I find that so unfair. So many people have reached out to me about this subject as they feel bad for getting their body back so fast but I want to share tips or advise on my page or blog to help people and sprinkle positivity and lifestyle tips and to share what I do and what works for me.

 Of course don’t get me wrong I love my treats and chocolate but its all about the balance with how you live your life and to not deprive your self of things, cravings are the worst and almost make you want something even more if you deprive yourself then you binge on it which is far worse. I believe in little and often treats. And yes I have been known to sneak down stairs once the kids are asleep to get some chocolate…but don’t we all do that haha!!

So for this blog I haven’t planned, counted calories, “done it for the gram” … I have literally just documented what I have eaten on 2 consecutive days, one day being bank holiday Monday and the other day being the day after when Adem went back to school. I will most likely do another food diary blog if people like this one and plan that one with a more regimented meal prep and plan and then I will be able to work out then too so I can do it around a work out regime too… but this food blog was just what was in the fridge and what I wanted to eat that day.

As I am 6.5 weeks post partum and I have not yet been signed off from the Dr to be able to work out yet I have got my results from just eating healthily and breastfeeding and drinking lots of water since I gave birth. Also as its winter and I haven’t been allowed to push the double pram I have been more limited with being able to get out as much unless driving somewhere.

So below is a photo of what I ate both days and the first day I took photos of the food also.

As I mentioned this is not a diet or anything to follow as such, I am doing this blog from a high demand from my Instagram followers who the majority are mums, parents, fitness accounts, or people who simply follow me for my protein smoothie bowls and recipes have been asking what I eat and drink daily post partum having Kemal to have gotten my body back so fast etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog…please subscribe to get notifications for when I post more blogs & check out my Instagram page

Lots of love xxx

Kemal’s Home/Water Birth Story

After such an amazing birth experience last year for my birth with my 2nd child Sami I wanted to do a water birth again…but this time I wanted to do at home.

As I have been low risk with all 3 pregnancies I really wanted to experience the home birth and with having the other 2…logistically it was easier to do at home as sometimes labour and giving birth can happen super super quick, especially after already having 2 kids…totally a pro now lol!!…and you know what to expect and what to do.

So to start my birth story with Kemal I will start at the beginning.

My labour started the day I was 10 days over due!!!!! By this point I was just waiting to labour to start and walking lots to keep super active and running after 2 kids also! Every day on the school run all my Mummy friends were so surprised it hadn’t happened yet… It was quite funny! …” Yes I’m still pregnant”

At 7.30pm I felt odd like something was happening – whilst in the middle of putting the 2 kids to sleep one by one. I could feel a slight pain but nothing major but it happened a few times for 1 min length 4/5 mins apart, so I started clocking them on an app. Once the kids were asleep the pain and frequency increased very quickly. Exactly an hour later at 8.30pm they were coming every 2 to 3 minutes and I called the Mid wife for her to come.

Once she had gone to the hospital to get the kit and got to the house It was about 10.30 and the contractions were very intense, shorter, and closer together.  After being checked I was about 8/9 cm dilated. Its time to go!!!! Let’s do this!!

In the meantime my husband had got the birthing pool filed up with lovely warm water and made the open plan area downstairs all relaxing and set the mood lighting perfectly for me.

I had a little gas and air to help and then it was time, I knew it was time to push. I got in the pool which instantly relives the contractions and pain dramatically.

As I had 2 births previously without pain relief only the birth pool and little gas and air with Sami I knew I could do this and just breathed it though. I kept my eyes closed most of the time and concentrated on my breathing a hypnobirthing technique.

As the pool also relaxes you very much in between the contractions and it was very warm it made things slow, but only slightly as It was almost 2am when I gave birth so I was very tired.

At 1.56am on the 18th November 2021 Kemal was born at home in the birthing pool, my waters only broke about a second before he came out too!!

He was so relaxed when he came out and I delivered him myself, which was magical, after doing the same with Sami I wanted to be able to do that again also.

He weighed a whooping 9 pounds 4 and his height was 56cm! a very long, slim but heavy bubs. My biggest baby yet but my smallest bump. People always think I will have small babies as I don’t show till the end of the pregnancy but I have very big babies! Looks can be deceiving.

From when my contractions started to the moment I gave birth it was only 6 and a half hours long which was my shortest labour yet.

Kemal took to breast feeding straight away and giving birth at home was overall the most amazing experience. My midwife I also had for my pregnancy journeys with Adem & Sami was also my midwife for the whole journey with Kemal so it was nice to have already had a connection with the Midwife over the last 4 and a half years for each journey.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog.

A few hours old

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Breastfeeding Milestone and being pregnant with number 3

I thought I would share my experience so far with breastfeeding whilst being pregnant. Sami has just turned One so we are celebrating 1 year of exclusively breastfeeding with Sami. As I fell pregnant with my 3rd baby when Sami was about 7 months old I decided after researching to keep breast feeding whilst pregnant, there are so many articles and information out there with different views but I am here to share my personal experience as there is so many different views out there and I have spoken to many other mothers who have fed whilst pregnant and even gone on to feed both the new baby and their other child. As I breastfed my eldest son Adem till he was 2 and 2 months when I was weaning him off just after he turned 2 I fell pregnant at that exact time so I was only about month pregnant whilst it overlapped so it didn’t effect me or Adem as all and the 2nd pregnancy with Sami was planned.

As this 3rd pregnant totally caught us all by surprise; I know breast feeding isn’t a contraceptive but I only just had one menstrual cycle and fell pregnant within weeks after that. We always said we wanted to have 3 or 4 kids but now its just happening a lot quicker than we expected but its an amazing blessing and we are so thankful. I know for sure that I will have my hands full with 3 kids 4yrs and under!!… But saying that I love being a mother and I am super organsied and always on the go, I feel that motherhood just suits me and I do all my work/instagram things around our busy lifestyle which is always non stop – as any of you Mamas reading this can relate even the housework, looking after the kids, feeding everyone and the endless cleaning and washing is a full time job alone not even to mention breast feeding. I was very lucky with Sami being such a good baby and so chilled and happy, a very easy going baby and Adem is great entertainment for him. I feel that with 2 kids they entertain each other where as when I had just Adem by himself for nearly 3 years I was his entertainment and all the classes we did together before he started Nursery when he turned 3.

Now Sami is One and he has had 6 teeth for about 2 months now (luckily he doesnt bite me, but he has nibbled me a few times or accidently bit me when he sneezed…yes OUCH!! The teeth haven’t effected us, it didn’t when I breastfed Adem either but what I did find when I had done all my research or listened to other peoples experiences with breastfeeding whilst being pregnant is that the nipples become extremely sensitive.

To be honest when Sami first latches on when he feeds now it’s excruciatingly painful I actually have wanted to cry sometimes and I have just been hoping that it will pass or that I am just being ultra sensitive at the moment. Once he has been feeding for about 20 seconds it is fine and it passes but I’m just hoping it does pass and become more comfortable. At the moment I am 21 weeks pregnant and I noticed the sensitivity for about a month or two.

I have always loved breastfeeding and as I have been so blessed with such a lovely long journey with both Adem and Sami I chose to keep going with my journey with Sami and to get through the painful latching and I am happy to possibly tandem feed the new baby with Sami. As its still a few months until I am due to have this baby things can change in that time and I have read some babies do self wean whilst pregnant as the milk does change to colostrum etc. Sami has only ever breast fed, he wasn’t interested in the bottle and as he was born during the first lockdown in June 2020 nothing was open so there was no need for me to express milk like I did for Adem.

Over the last 6 weeks Sami hasn’t been having breastmilk before bed and he has just been cuddling to sleep. This happened by accident a couple of times at first and then I continued to do this every night. This was a totally different experience to Adem as he was a little milk monster at bed time even when he was 2 years old and that was the last feeding time I weaned Adem off.

This has been working well and he still sleeps though the night from 7pm till 6 or 7am in his cot. This has eased the uncomfortable latching but to be honest every time he latches it hurts but its just is one less time and then when the new baby come in a couple of months bedtimes will be a easier as I put both boys to bed myself and I will only have to worry about breast feeding the new baby at night times not 2 of them.

I think every mother should do their own research and go with what suits them and their family. I didn’t want to cut Sami’s breastfeeding journey short so I am just going with the flow and just praying the painful nipples pass.

I will keep you all posted with our journey for Sami breastfeeding and my pregnancy journey also.

Check out my Instagram page to keep updated with our daily posts.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Please feel free to drop me a comment or DM with any questions you may have.

Lots of Love xxx

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The New lightweight Mamas & Papas Stroller

#AD #AiroGoLightly – I am working in a paid partnership with BritMums and Mamas & Papas promoting the new lightweight Airo Stroller.

(For full review see below link)

I couldn’t wait to take the new stroller out for a spin with the boys, it’s super lightweight and so easy to navigate. I can’t believe how slim it is which is perfect for living in London and also storing in the house. It has so many benefits as its also perfect for travel and stowing away or in the car. Having two kids I always look for things which will make my life easier, especially when getting in and out of the car with the boys.

It’s compact, lightweight, stores easily, perfect for travel, folds away one handed with ease, wear as a backpack or on the shoulder, perfect for people who live in the city and many more benefits. What more could you ask for it has it all!

I highly recommend the Airo stroller from Mamas & Papas

Check out my full review here:

Also see my Instagram post for additional reviews.

I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews

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How to make: Hanging Hot Air Balloon crafts

A super simple fun 3D craft idea for your childs bedroom or nursery.

Add this paper hot air balloon craft to the top of your to do list. Its super simple for pre-schoolers and kids of all ages to make.

We made different coloured balloons for a rainbow effect decoration.

All you need is:

  • Coloured card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Decorations for the balloon eg sequins, pom poms etc
  • Toilet paper roll cardboard
  • String
  1. To start we printed a template we found on Pinterest ( our pinterest page is – See link: for the pinned template we used)
  2. We then cut out the printed template and drew around them on the different coloured cards – you we need about 5 coloured card cut outs per balloon to get this effect. We did 2 big balloons and one small balloon. Fold all in half

     3.Apply Pritt stick to one side of all card cut outs, then start to stick back to back along the folded side – when sticking together place the string in the middle so it stays in place.

4. We used one of of the stencils for the balloon buckets and then we used cut out cardboard loo roll for the others and decorated them.

5. We attached string from the paper balloon to the cardboard.

6. Finish by attaching to where you want them to hang.

I hope you enjoyed our first How-to craft blog. Let us know what you think.

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Lots of Love xxx

Mum Life Routines – How to start your day positively & proactively

I have always been a big fan of routines and schedules, I know this doesn’t come naturally to all but hopefully some of my tips might come in useful to those reading.

So after becoming a Mum of 2 this meant that I had to step my game up with the routines, as I find that if I let things slip for 1 day its like the house got hit by a bomb and suddenly out of literally nowhere there are 3 mountains of washing to do. (Yes I organise daily for colours, blacks and whites) – being a mum of boys and having a hubby – I just get them to put their pjs or if in the evening the day clothes in a pile in one place then I put them in the designated baskets otherwise they get left on the floor all around the upstairs and I am forever picking things up. For most this is a reality too, its only a small thing but at least if its all in one organised pile then at least there wont be any mess up when it comes to loading up the washing machine with a black sock in with the whites. BUT I have been known to wash headphones regularly and cash… apparently even if the clothes are in the washing basket I still have to check all pockets…which I do not do haha evidently lol!

Slightly went off topic…. So lets get into some of my mum routines for how to stay organised.

  1. Always always always write a to-do list the night before for the next day. This helps me to stay on track throughout the day and I find it satisfying ticking things of my list. I always like to write the daily lists so its there to hand.
  2. I have a list app on my phone – which as you can imagine… I have many haha. This is where I store all my ‘main’ lists of things I need to do, and also were my Instagram is a source of income for me I keep a track of all collaborations and dates, things coming in the post, payments owed and received, content I need to create as well as ideas too.
  3. I prepare the boys clothes the night before as well as mine so things run smoothly in the mornings after shower times. I always find when things are layed out and prepared it saves a lot of time in deciding what to wear, and being a Mum of 2 my boys needs always come first so at least if its all sorted prior I will hopefully look half decent, or hope to haha
  4. I line up all of the fruit for our morning juice with the glasses and straws – this saves so much time and it starts the day so well packed full of vitamins.
  5. I prepare all of the breakfast things, even to putting a green tea bag in my mug ready with a spoon, I’m sure you get my drift… literally anything which doesn’t need to be in the fridge is ready to go for the morning. This only takes a few minutes to do but it saves soooooo much time in the morning when I have a hungry baby and toddler and my Hubby leaves for work early in the morning so I do anything to make my day super smooth and organised. And I like to make sure my hubby has had his fresh juice to start his day well. Check out my Instagram for all of my juice recipes

6. As I work out most days, the goal is to exercise pre breakfast time, or at least to do the ab workout to start with as it’s shorter. Having 2 kids the more organised everything is the smoother things run so I am able to do things I enjoy. As Adem loves to workout with me or be involved always ever since he was a little button. we usually do the longer workout when Sami is napping late morning if we haven’t already done it. If we have already done it then this is the perfect time to go for a walk whilst Sami naps.

7. As I am weaning Sami now I have lots of meals to prep for. All of Samis weaning recipes are on my Instagram page and saved in my highlights. I will be doing a blog on weaning full on tips and recipes we started with. I always go through the weaning recipes books and write out the recipes I want to make for the following week so I can order everything I need to, then I add what I making him the following day to my list. I like to try him with new recipes and flavours daily and its so important to give him all the vitamins and nutrients he needs as a growing baby. I really enjoy weaning my boys and all is documented on my Instagram. Go and check it out.

8. I have any activities for the following day planned including content pics needed for my pages, games, cooking things (Adem always cooks with me, he will be a very good cook one day!…well he is a fab Sous Chef now)

Of course each day is different and things always pop up but I always find that if the above basic things are done then everything normally runs smoothly.

I hope my little tips help you with how to start your day positively and proactively.

Lots of love xxx

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How to TRY and stay GLAM being a Mummy

As some of you may already be aware that my background is in the health & beauty industry, and if you didn’t know…your do now. 🙂

Ever since I learnt how to do make up and any sort of beauty treatment I always did them for myself and I developed my skills more and more and being able to do for myself has saved me a lot on money too!!

Some people often say getting ready or doing a face mask or any sort of ‘at home’ beauty treatment seems like a choir for them, but to me I enjoy it and love every minute. I look forward to doing my make up in the mornings. Even if its just a quick basic make up, I always like to be presentable and ‘put together’ if that makes sense.

As my career has always been in the beauty industry it’s always been a part of the ‘uniform’ to have 5 items of make up on the face and have tidy well presented hair, so its very hard to undo 17 years of doing this!

Becoming a Mum I learnt how to adapt my ‘beauty routines’ into my daily life with 2 children. See below some tips of mine which might help some of you out with fitting it all into your busy schedules.

Tip 1 – I like to wash my hair in the afternoons before the ‘wind-down’ routines – as I have long hair this gives it a chance to dry more naturally and I sometimes put a hair mask on whilst I bath one of the boys to keep my hair in good condition. Ofcourse this doesn’t always go to plan but its how I prefer my routine to go.

Tip 2 – Also during bath time I do a facial massage and put a face mask on whilst in the bath with Adem. Its all about multi-tasking and making use of every minute and utilising the time well. Sami is usually napping during this time also.

Tip 3 – If I want to curl my hair I always do it the night before as it saves me so much time the next morning. My husband always says to me why am I doing my hair before bedtime, every time haha! As all of you other mums are probably the same as me and the morning times are always crazy busy fitting everything in and doing a morning workout too etc the list is endless. So doing it before bed and clipping it up saves me time in the mornings. I am all about saving time where I can. Anyone with long hair or hair extensions will totally be able to relate.

Tip 4 – I try to plan my outfit the night before quickly – Only if am doing something or meeting friends the next day. Usually I think about this whilst I am breast feeding among a hundred other things I need to do. haha

Tip 5 – I aim to get up before the boys wake up and usually all 3 of them are like clockwork so as long as I am in the shower first and out with all my creams on before they wake it is a good start to the day. As Sami (my 4 month old) is so laid back and very chilled he watches me do my make up and then Adem usually wakes up around the time I am finishing off my make up, ofcourse every day can vary. I then get he boys ready before breakfast time. And during this time my hubby usually leaves for the office.

Tip 6 – Nails…I never get my nails done unless its before a holiday but I always do my own pedicures, and I spread this out over a couple of days eg – removal of polish, then the cuticles after bath time then painting when Sami is sleeping etc just fit it into my routines. As you have probably guessed by now that I love my routines and I think of it as ‘Me time’ even though my boys are right next to me, to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way and Adem always helps me do things or he copies me.

I thought a few little tips to start with might help some of you out, they are only simple little things I always do but they might be super useful to someone. Well I hope so.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and found useful.

Lots of love xxx

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