Breastfeeding Milestone and being pregnant with number 3

I thought I would share my experience so far with breastfeeding whilst being pregnant. Sami has just turned One so we are celebrating 1 year of exclusively breastfeeding with Sami. As I fell pregnant with my 3rd baby when Sami was about 7 months old I decided after researching to keep breast feeding whilst pregnant,Continue reading “Breastfeeding Milestone and being pregnant with number 3”

The New lightweight Mamas & Papas Stroller

#AD #AiroGoLightly – I am working in a paid partnership with BritMums and Mamas & Papas promoting the new lightweight Airo Stroller. (For full review see below link) I couldn’t wait to take the new stroller out for a spin with the boys, it’s super lightweight and so easy to navigate. I can’t believeContinue reading “The New lightweight Mamas & Papas Stroller”

How to make: Hanging Hot Air Balloon crafts

A super simple fun 3D craft idea for your childs bedroom or nursery. Add this paper hot air balloon craft to the top of your to do list. Its super simple for pre-schoolers and kids of all ages to make. We made different coloured balloons for a rainbow effect decoration. All you need is: ColouredContinue reading “How to make: Hanging Hot Air Balloon crafts”

Mum Life Routines – How to start your day positively & proactively

I have always been a big fan of routines and schedules, I know this doesn’t come naturally to all but hopefully some of my tips might come in useful to those reading. So after becoming a Mum of 2 this meant that I had to step my game up with the routines, as I findContinue reading “Mum Life Routines – How to start your day positively & proactively”

How to TRY and stay GLAM being a Mummy

As some of you may already be aware that my background is in the health & beauty industry, and if you didn’t know…your do now. 🙂 Ever since I learnt how to do make up and any sort of beauty treatment I always did them for myself and I developed my skills more and moreContinue reading “How to TRY and stay GLAM being a Mummy”

MyBump2Baby Favourite Blogger

We are super excited to announce that we have been selected to be a part of the Mybump2Baby favourite blogger tribe. They are googles #1 Baby and Toddler directory covering everything from pregnancy – pre school. Check out their super helpful app called MyBump2Baby Favourite Bloggers When you use the app you can even favouriteContinue reading “MyBump2Baby Favourite Blogger”

Adem’s new adventure ~ Starting at Nursery

A new adventure. On the 9th of September 2020 my first born Son Adem started at nursery. I am so proud of him. He is all grown up and at his Nursery he even wears a uniform. A couple of days before he started Nursery two of his Nursery teachers came for a home visitContinue reading “Adem’s new adventure ~ Starting at Nursery”

Sami’s Birth Story – Giving birth during COVID-19 –

Being pregnant and having a baby in 2020 has been a totally different experience the 2nd time around for baby number 2. When I was due to have Sami everything was still in lockdown and it was such an uncertain time for everyone with everything going on in the world. To be quite honest itContinue reading “Sami’s Birth Story – Giving birth during COVID-19 –”